Ring doorbell app for pc

If you want to download the Ring doorbell app for PC, you can download it from the Microsoft Store on your Windows platform. The application can help you to complete the Ring Doorbell setup process on your device.  Once you have downloaded the application, you can easily complete the setup and manage your Ring doorbell activities from any location whenever you want.  The application also allows you to keep an eye on the people visiting your home and let you have a conversation with them.  In this guide,  we are going to share the simple step-by-step guidelines that can help you to download the Ring doorbell app for PC  on your Windows 10 device.  Read all the mentioned instructions and follow them carefully to avoid any sort of mistake in the process.

Steps to download Ring doorbell app and install it on PC:

  • Turn on your Windows 10 computer,  and make sure that it is connected to the  Internet.

  • Launch the Microsoft Store on your PC.

  • Now, search for the ‘Ring -Always Home’ application in the Microsoft store.

  • When displayed,  you have to click on the ‘Get it’  option.

  • Complete the installation of the application on your device with instructions appearing on the screen.  Once you are done with that,  launch the Ring application on your Windows 10 computer.

  • Now,  you are supposed to sign in to the Ring application.  If you have signed in earlier,  you can simply log into the app using the login details.

  • After this,  you will receive the one time password on the email ID registered and you need to verify it.

  • Now,  you have to click on ‘Setup a device’  option appearing under the ‘Add a Ring device’ page.

  • Scan for the “QR/MAC” code using the Barcode Scanner application on your smartphone.

  • Name your Ring Doorbell device and also mention the location.

  • After this,  you have to simply click on the ‘Orange Button’  before you proceed further with your Ring Doorbell device. Now,  you will see that whitish light has started rotating on the front of your Ring Doorbell device.

  • Click on the ‘Continue’ button and proceed with the next step.

  • Now, connect the Ring app for PC with your Ring Doorbell and click on the ‘Continue’ button to proceed further.

  • Connect the application to the device using the  Wi-Fi network on your computer.

  • Connect your Ring device to the Wi-Fi using the home network and provide the correct details of the security key.

  • Test and make sure that your Ring Doorbell is working fine.

Once you are done with these steps,  check and make sure that the Ring device is properly connected to the Wi-Fi network and all the features and functions supported by the device are working fine.  To do this,  you can send someone outside the door and ask them to press the button on the Ring doorbell.  When the person hit the button,  you will receive the notification on the application you have installed on your system.  Also,  check and make sure that two-way talk and video call feature of the device is working fine.

The Bottom Line

If you have gone through the above-mentioned instructions,  you would easily able to download and install the Ring doorbell app for PC.  All the mentioned steps are very simple and easy to follow.  Just make sure that you are using the latest available version on your computer and your system is up to date. In case,  you are unable to connect the device,  it is recommended to contact the professionals and complete the process under their guidance.