Ring Doorbell Troubleshooting Guide

Ring Doorbell systems are one of the best security options available for the home security. You can install the Ring Doorbell in front of the door and keep an eye on the visitors 24/7.  But, just like any other electronic device, Ring Doorbell also stops working sometimes due to technical errors. In that scenario only Ring Doorbell Troubleshooting Guide can help to fix the problem. Thus, if you want to make sure that your Ring Doorbell works well without any hassle  and safely maintain the security of your home, follow the given Ring Doorbell Troubleshooting Guide to fix the common Ring Doorbell issues. Seeking the expert advice is also not a bad option to fix the errors.

Common issues associated with Ring Video Doorbell and their troubleshooting solutions:

Ring Doorbell not connecting to the Wireless network

Below are the step by step guidelines to fix the Ring Doorbell problems due to wireless network. Open the Ring app and check the wireless network to which you device is connected.

If the message appearing ‘Unable to Connect to Wireless Network’ follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Check and make sure that you are connecting the Ring device to the 2.4 ghz wireless network.

  • Press and hold the ‘Orange’ button for 30 seconds, the button is present on the back side of ring device. This step will factory reset your Ring Doorbell and fix the connectivity errors.

  • Check and make sure that wireless network is on channel 1-11 as the 12 and 13 channel is not supported by the ring.

After completing these steps, your Ring Doorbell will get connected to the wireless network.

Ring Video Doorbell Keeps Ringing

Sometimes, once the Ring is pushed, it keeps on ringing.  The problem may occur if the ring button sticks down. Press and release ‘Ring’ button to check whether the button is stuck or not. If it is not, make sure that audio notifications are active on the application as well as device. If the issue is still there, disconnect your device and replace the button.

Ring doorbell video not working

If you are unable to see the live video or motion even after setting up the Ring device properly then your belt may be running on the battery power mode.  You have to power the Ring Doorbell by using the internal battery or connect it to the wires through existing wiring. 

Ring Chime Setup Issues

Are you facing trouble with the Ring Chime? Are you unable to connect the Chime to wireless network. To fix such Ring Doorbell Problems, check whether the wifi network is available or not. If yes, login to the router and configure the wireless settings.

By following this easy Ring Doorbell Troubleshooting Guide, you can fix the common Ring Doorbell issues. But, if you have any doubt, you have to contact the experts. The professionals can give you the best advice to troubleshoot the problems and also make sure that issues do not occur again in the future, 

Ring Doorbell Troubleshooting Guide