Ring doorbell Wi-Fi setup

RingDoor Bell is a smart way to protect your home and keep an eye on it all the time.  Once you complete the Ring doorbell Wi-Fi setup, you can see who is at your main door,  without being there.  Installation of this device is a smart way to improve home security.  The device comes with an HD camera that allows the users to keep eye on any visitor through their application so the user can know who is visiting and why.  With Ring doorbell Wi-Fi setup, a user also do not need to worry about the late night visitors  as the device comes with night vision.  Not only you can keep eye on visitors, but you can also talk to them using the  Ring application.  Also,  the Ring doorbell comes with built in motion sensor which allowed users to know if someone is meandering over their property.

In this post, we are going to share the simple guidelines that can help users to set up Ring doorbell at their home.  Before you proceed with the setup process,  you need to make sure that the device is fully charged.  After that, you are all set to complete the wireless setup.

Doorbell Setup

How to Connect a Ring Doorbell to Wi-Fi?

Connecting the Ring doorbell to Wi-Fi is a very simple process. Below we are sharing the step-by-step instructions for this:

  • Start with the downloading of the Ring application on your Android or iOS device.  After this,  you have to create the Ring account.

  • Click ‘Set up a device’ option and choose the Ring doorbell model that you want to connect.

  • Now,  scan the QR code or Mac ID barcode on the backside of your device or the product packaging.

  • Provide the home address details and the name of the device.

  • Click on the ‘Setup’ button to put your Ring device in the setup mode.

  • Here,  you will see the spinning of white light on the front of the Ring device, if successful.

  • Tap on the ‘Join’ option and choose your Ring Doorbell.  The name of the doorbell will include the text like Ring Setup or Ring,  including the elements of your device’s MAC ID.

  • To set up Ring doorbell,  choose your preferred  Wi-Fi network and type the Wi-Fi password.

Note: Your Ring device may demand an update after you connect it to the network. T the light on your Ring device will start blinking white duRing the device update.

  • Wait until the device completes the update process and after that hit a button to test your Ring doorbell.  If you have successfully set up your device, you will receive the mobile app notification.

Charging and installing the Ring doorbell

 You cannot complete the Ring doorbell Wi-Fi setup if you skip the steps like charging the device and installing the Ring Doorbell first.   Here is the quick rundown  to execute these steps:

  • While connecting any battery-powered Ring doorbell to the wireless connection,  it is important to complete the installation first.  This will help you to know whether the wireless connection is stable to work in the final location or not.  Also,  make sure that your device is fully charged for using the services.

  •  If the Wi-Fi signals are not strong enough keeping your Ring Doorbell video connected,  prefer to use the wireless extender for a reliable internet connection.

  •  Follow the instructions provided on the box to complete the installation process without any hassle on the Ring mobile app.

The Bottom Line

 So, feel the fuzzy and warm sensation of better safety and security whether you are at your home or not with Ring doorbell Wi-Fi setup.  The above-mentioned instructions can help you to complete the setup process on your application without any hassle.  Just make sure that you follow all guidelines carefully to avoid any mistake. But,  if you are still unable to complete the setup on your own, you are free to contact the Ring experts anytime you want and take their help to connect the Ring doorbell to the Wi-Fi.